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Hey everyone! My name's Jack Silver. So this is a recent set for NightTimeGirls

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Hey all! Jack Silver back again. This is my recent work for NightTimeGirls. I hope you like it as much as I did shooting it. The model is Heather Mars and she is just a fricken fire cracker. So hot. So sexy. She was a great model! And it was her first time in a professional studio. So props to her.

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We've decided to start making previews for each new update as a little extra incentive for those of you thinking about becoming members but haven't decided yet. So with that said take a peek at TJ.

This all natural cutie is just incredily sexy. For her first set with Nighttimegirls, we took her out of the studio, stayed away from traditional lighting and just let her personality shine through. We know you'll like.

In Other News

Since launching in December NightTimeGirls.Com has experienced tremendous growth in all areas and we'll continue to do our best to bring hottest girls we can get our greedy little hands on. So in order to reflect our growth there's going to be a pricing change coming February 1st.

Starting then we will be getting rid of our 3.95 trial and going with a 7.95 Flat fee with a 9.95 monthly subscription. We're doing this for two reasons, 1. to bring you bigger better sets and videos , and 2. We're popular and we put alot of work into our sets and site.That's right, looking at naked girls all day is fun but it's still a job, a job we do really well. So sign up now, and get the lower rate while you can.
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Let me be the second to formally introduce Molly Heartbreaker.

In an Exclusive deal between NightTimeGirls and MollyHeartbreaker.com NightTimeGirls gets to bring you the very first pics of this incredibly gorgeous model.

So enjoy all her loveliness here and then go check out her own web site at www.mollyheartbreaker.com for more. We guarantee we'll be bringing you lots more of this beauty to come.

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It's after hours in a local art gallery and what happens? Toni decides to take a break from her boring browsing and decides to get down to business. 110 photos in this set - make it the largest on the site, to date.

You gotta check this set out... wow.

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This set was kind of an odd one in terms of the normal stuff I had been doing for NTG.

I had shot 18 girls in less than a month - and I was just burned out. And I had a three set shoot scheduled with Zhara. I was pulling my hair out all day.

So, I invited Raven and Khavi to come shoot with me. Raven shot first - hot set. Khavi shot second - hotter set.

I shot last - and the entire night - I was stressing on what the heck I would do. I didn't have an outfit or theme picked...

but I managed to come up with pink bubblegum...

She's got awesome personality.

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Viva La Video

I said it, you read it and now for all your viewing pleasure, it's here! NightTimegirls.com goes broadband! That's right all you fine connoisseurs of erotic video, you can now get your full motion, high quality, let's-see-some-nudity video right here and now.

We've worked out a deal with a fantastic producer of adult movies, to supply us with all the intense X-Rated video action you need to make it through the day. While we still plan on producing our very own branded movies and DVD's featuring the NightTimeGirls let's face it, and much credit goes to (Mr.Jack Silver for this) growing pains suck and we're still new and quite frankly lack the revenue stream that will allow us to be all that we can be. Luckily Jack has a lot of connections so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Now let's get down to business. We'll be updating our videos each and every week with some of the hottest moving pictures we can get our hands on. CHECK THIS OUT, we'll also be offering special EXCLUSIVE BONUS photo sets for each video. These will be Ultra High Quality sets you can download right to your computer, not just screen caps. So without further talk from me, let me present our very first NightTimeGIrl's Videos ever!


"Helena is a very bad girl"
Length : 21 Min's
131 Bonus Pics
Type : Double Penetration Masturbation

Helena is the kind of woman, wet dreams are made of. This 23 yr old is tall, built, and incredibly dirty. Watch as she explores every inch of her body and we do mean EVERY inch.


"Denisa knows how to relieve boredom "
Length : 22 Min's
112 Bonus Pics
Type : Solo Masturbation with Toy

This exquisite 19 yr old girl next door just can't help but get naughty when there's nothing else to do. Denisa is a true testimony to the old phrase "Idle hands are the devil's plaything".

I'm still working on the design for the video's page but you can access them now if you want, just click here or the video link in the menu if you're a member.
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This post marks our official launch and we hear at NightTimeGirls are all excited to be live and on the web. Now while we may not be the most eloquent of individuals, the staff will do our best to keep you informed of the entire happening's here at NighTimeGirls - from news, to updates, to whatever.

First off, the introductions:

Raven: He’s the web guru; the guy in charge of the design, code and general pimposity of NightTimeGirls. While a site like this is a big departure from his usual fare, there was no one better for this position. He believes in what NTG is trying to present on the www and really brings a lot to the table with both graphics and code AND photography.

Khavi: She’s the model manager; the woman who holds the site together when the staff and models are running around like headless chickens. Khavi brings to the table years of experience with photography, and experience managing websites and the models – as she is currently a senior photographer and model manager for our sister website – OnlyPaperDolls ( check the link).

Jack Silver: While currently holding the role of Director of Photography, Jack Silver is truly the site’s bitch. From shooting all of the initial sets, coordinating the shoots and the models, arranging all the paperwork and legal stuff – Jack Silver is truly a “Jack of all trades” and a key component to NightTimeGirls.

So why are we here? That’s an easy answer:

Women are beautiful.

Yup. That's it. Simple, isn't it? Unlike a lot of the other sites out there that only cater to one type of woman or fetish, NightTimeGirls likes to show you everything and everyone we can get out lenses on. From the sexy girl next door, to the plan jane who works at the office one cubicle away from you, to the ultra glamorous they-can't-possibly-exist kind of woman. We appreciate beauty in all its forms.

In fact – that being said – most of the girls featured here – have little to no modeling experience. They are real girls who are proud of themselves and their bodies and the things they do after dark and are here on NightTimeGirls to share all of that with you. Aren’t you a lucky one?

So maybe you're asking yourself "why should I spend my money and my time on a site like this? Aren't there other sites like this?"

Well the short answer is : No.

We won't mention names, cause hey we're trying to make a buck or two, but other sites only tend to cater to one group or fetish. What if the girl has tattoos? What if she doesn’t have enough? Too skinny, not skinny enough, too normal, etc etc. It shouldn’t matter.

Maybe one or two other sites feature lots of different types of girls… but they don't offer informative articles, writings and culture awareness.

Our goal is to be the site you turn to be it for the pretty women or the words or the community.

Here is what you will find on this site:

An erotic place on the web where the people behind it are actually committed to the project.
We have been and will continue to work our collective asses off to produce the best content for you the viewer. As it is – our site has only gotten better since we actually started shooting with the site in mind. And as we grow and change everything we make will be put into NightTimeGirls because unlike a lot of the other sites out there, we are devoted to our creation.

Beautiful Women
That's right, beautiful women of all types and persuasions. Not only are they hot though… but they exude personality and sexuality. Does this even need more explanation?

Informative Articles on a broad range of subjects
Witty, thoughtfull, or just plane crazy articles on anything our writers minds can come up with. From music, movie, and book reviews, to pop culture journalism and informative essays.

For launch, we have three articles.

The first is by Jone2tone: an opinionated perspective on the top 6 most influential records of his generation. Jack certainly had a few things to say after reading this – what will you be saying?

The second is by NightTimeGirl NickyNagga: an article that was originally given the title “how to land a girl like me in your bed on the first date” turned into an explicit tale of this NightTimeGirl’s anal adventure.

The last article is a bit of scholarly work by the Fuck-Me-Feminist: an examination of the double standard that exists in regards to women engaging in casual sex – and why they should be able to fuck freely.

Hot Set-Your-Screen-On-Fire videos
While we may be new, we've got plans. Our photo sets are hot. They are edgy. They are erotica. But they may not do the trick. For those who are interested in a little less artsy and a little more edge - we will be offering the hottest videos of our girls for you to enjoy and download.

Getting to know the NightTimeGirls up close and personal
We ask our girls to be part of the site, whether it's writing for their own blogs or chatting on the message boards, we love that personal feel.

A community you can be a part of
The NightTime Girl's board will be a place you can call your home on the web. Talk about NTG or anything you want to, make some friends and have a good time
So stick around, read, sign up as a member or lurk if you want. We've got alot of good things coming.
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